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Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights for Dependable Illumination

Would you like to hang some solar powered outdoor string lights around the perimeter of your garden or yard? Many owners of homes and farms now do install these alternative lighting gadgets, not only because of their novelty but because they do offer a wide range of benefits, particularly in the area of illumination as well as consumption of power.

If you are working on making and realizing your very own dream garden, you will definitely consider this type of lighting. It is simply because they have proven to be effective in illuminating up a home’s outdoor areas during night time.

Why opt for these solar powered lights, in the first place?

Solar Path at Night
For one thing, they are very helpful in reducing the cost brought about by the usage of lights to brighten up the garden or backyard over the long course of the six to eight hours, or maybe even longer. In fact, so effective are these illuminating systems since they remain charged all throughout the night, only to gradually diminish in brightness as soon as morning comes. Such gadgets are more than adequate in brightening up your outdoor areas.

Ideal alternative lighting choice

Ever since solar powered string lights have become available in the market as an alternative means of lighting various areas of the yard or garden at night, many households and home owners have enjoyed smaller amount in their utility bills.

Indeed, they do come in various forms and sizes, and one of their most common uses is to add to the festive mood of, let’s say, the Christmas season. This is why many of them are in the hues of greens and reds. These illumination gadgets are definitely versatile.

Solar string light fixtures can be positioned anywhere outside the home simply because you don’t need to attach them to electric source, unlike in the case of conventional lights. They are also an effective means of enhancing the physical features of the yard, and at the same time, are environmentally friendly since solar energy is used in the first place.

How to maximize use of solar powered outdoor string lights

Wrap around tree trunks and fence posts

If you have trees with thick trunks or a fence around your property, these stringed lighting fixtures can be used to around them and in effect provide beautiful lighting to these features. If you have a gazebo, you can have it lit during the evenings from the illumination of these alternative stringed lights and even creating a mystical glow to the area.

Since the bulbs of solar powered led string lights are Light-emitting diode, it ensures powerful illuminating capacity and at the same time, longer lifespan. Such strong bulbs are likewise versatile especially if owners decide to purchase units that has built-in sensors within them. Such parts, when integrated in the main gadget, will be able to detect day from night, which means that the lights are on only during evening and go off as soon as the sun is out.

It also means that if solar string lighting are used, there’s no need for the owner to get up in the morning from his bed just to turn the device off as it will turn off automatically. Hence, no amount of energy is wasted, and the life of the bulbs are also preserved.

Use as decoration

Another way of maximizing benefit of solar power string lights is by opting for those that had been hand blown; these are highly decorative glasses and available in multiple colors. Go for designs and hues that match that of your garden. Since they are intricately made, the size of the bulbs are more often than not larger than the size of regular string lighting.

The bulbs are known to be bigger in order to show clearly the decorations and designs done in their surfaces. They are also positioned in farther space intervals on the strings to which they are attached. Such lighting devices, because of their size, are likely to be hanging or draped instead of being wrapped upon posts or trunks. These way, visitors will be able to better see and appreciate the beauty of the bulbs as soon as they are lighted.

Such handmade light bulbs are known to contain just a limited number of bulbs for every string; this is to be expected from solar powered led string lights. The price of these fixtures are round 70 to 100 dollars; it actually depends on the length of the cord, design, and other features that they might have.

solar powered LED string lights – the best choice

Put simply, these lights are becoming more and more sought after among alternative lighting these days. The latest ones have proven to be highly effective and possess many wonderful features, yet they are known to cost as little as 20 to 30 dollars. If you go for a really long cord, it can cost as much as 100 dollars.

Solar LED string light devices have durable and high quality components. This assures the user that they will provide lighting benefits for many, many years to come.

Actually, LED or not, solar devices are a great choice over common electrical counterparts since they need not be connected to a power source or an extension wire, the presence of which on the ground can be potentially dangerous to everyone around, especially to kids and pet animals. There is always that possibility of your child tripping and hurting himself because of some electrical cord that’s been left lying to the ground.

This will definitely not happen if a solar device is used, of which the presence of pesky cords is minimal. Instead, with solar powered string lights, you can either wrap them around fence posts, rails, trees or any spot that needs illumination or bright decoration, or simply hang them onto the wall.

Why don’t you try hanging some at the roof of your house, particularly along the whole length of the roof’s gutter? Indeed, it will add further enhancement to your property, right?

It is time to install

Now that you have chosen the fence in front of your home as the spot where you will hang your solar powered LED string light fixtures, time to take it out of the box. Bur first of all, you have to make sure that nothing is entangled. You can do this by laying down the whole length and stretch it onto the ground. No tangles at all? Then, it is almost ready to hang.

But wait, as you check the whole length, you will also have to examine each and every bulb to see if one or more is missing or broken. Broken bulbs are not impossible to happen especially if packaging or delivery (if you bought it online) has been made in a haphazard manner.

Go for 100% quality lights, and nothing less – this is to ensure that everything will light up perfectly as you planned.

So, upon your inspection, there’s no entanglement, and every bulb 100% working. You finally see that everything is A-OKAY.

Tack in some sturdy nails or hooks to the fence post

Now it is time to place your fixtures onto the fence. But wait, have you tacked in the hooks onto the fence posts? Make sure that every post has a hook where you will hang your solar LED string lights outdoor.

Likewise, see if the end where the solar panel is attached is fully exposed to the sun during daytime to enable it to store as much energy as possible. A fully-charged solar panel is enough to keep the lights shining through the night and way into the early morning.

If you don’t have hooks, you can use small-sized nails that are pounded securely into the wooden fence. Or perhaps the string is thin enough, in which can you can use large staple wires to attach the string lights into the fence posts.

Now that the lights are hang beautifully on the fence, it’s just a matter of hours before the night sets in. Be ready to be mesmerized as soon as the bulbs light up and glow. You will definitely be awed by the simple yet fascinating luminescence of these fixtures, but as well as everyone within the household, and also your neighbour, who will most probably be enticed into hanging them in their fence too.

Solar string lights outdoors, indeed, are a great choice if you want to either brighten your property outside or simply decorate it for Christmas or at times of parties.

Remember to buy the right length; you can do this by determining the on which you will install it. Actually, there are models with ends on which you can add string lights if you want it longer.

I myself avoid too much fanciful lighting, and prefer bulbs that have steady luminescence and come in white or yellow. For me, they’re very pretty decoration especially during the night. Although, many I know love multi-colored ones, bulb of red, blue, orange, and violets. These are also pretty much available everywhere.

If you are after dependable and effective illumination to brighten up your outside areas such as the yard or garden, and at the same time, decorate these places; install solar powered outdoor string lights. It’s one of the safest, most versatile and affordable alternative illuminating that you can ever have. They are easily available at your local hardware shop or home improvement center?

Where to buy solar power string lights

While other home owners will want to go downtown, and visit a local hardware shop of a branch of a major home improvement shop in order to buy their solar powered string lights, others will go the easy way by staying at home and from there order their desired model via the internet. How do you like to buy your lighting devices?

Why buy from a brick-and-mortar shop

Going to a brick and mortar store has its own advantages, such as being able to check and scrutinize the product that he prospects to buy. If he has questions about, let’s say, the specification of the illuminating device or how it is properly operated or the how to avail of service and warranty in case it got broken, he can immediately obtain the answer to the attending store clerk.

Likewise, we will be able to bring home his purchase right there and then, immediately upon payment. Or if he decides to have it delivered, he can simply ask for such service and add just a small amount as deliver fee.

And if you discover any defects upon installation at home, or the device suddenly will not operate, you can immediately bring it back to the shop and have it fixed or simply replaced by a new one. Such are conveniences of making a purchase personally a solar string lighting, or any other product for that matter.

Making a purchase online – pros and cons

In the case of online purchase, it also presents both advantages and disadvantages to the buyer. First of all, online shops offer some of the most enticing deals, both in prices and choices of models.

When it comes to discounts, Internet sellers of solar lights are more than willing to give them to clients compared to offline shop retailers. And like local stores, their online counterparts also offer a wide variety of products. However, the disadvantage is that you will not be able to see it personally and check out its components.

Internet-based shop’s advantage over local shops is that it presents a good number of websites that offer solar powered string lights outdoor reviews. Such sites can be very valuable to prospective buyers since they provide significant information that will help anyone make a decision om which model is best for him.

Such information are basically specifications, functions, and prices of different brands and models that are available in the market. There are also sections in the website in which previous buyers willingly shared their experience about the product, whether good or bad. They also provide ratings and recommendations.

In the case of ratings and reviews, they are deemed very helpful if they are from real clients or users of the product, or solar powered outdoor string lights, in this case. If your prospective product had been rated adequately, meaning, there is a good number of feedback and reviews from previous buyers that are now available online, all such information it will be very helpful in your drawing a decision of whether to buy it or not.
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