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Solar Light for Shed – Things that you have do consider before buying

Especially if you have shed or garage areas outside your home, it pays to use solar light for shed. It is the perfect solution over lighting gadgets that basically run on standard electricity. It is an economic boon to those who will opt for it because it saves a good sum of money in terms of electrical power costs.

At the same time, its usage also reduces the load done on the local utility grid. Consequently, use of such sun powered devices benefits greatly in the improvement of the environment. If you are in the market for solar lighting for shed, it is a must that you understand and study carefully the advantages as well as disadvantages of using it. It is a must that you are aware of its benefits as well as the features that it possesses so that you are assured that you are making the right choice.

Here are the things that you will have to consider when using solar light for shed

1. The type of photo voltaic panels to choose. It is a must that you choose if you want a solar panel that is built into the device or one that is attached to it via a special cord or wiring. If you want to make sure that optimum amount of energy is collected from the sun, go for a unit with PV panel that is attached to the main solar lighting for shed via a cord. This way, you will be able to position that panel on top of the roof top where sunshine falls plentiful.

Although if you want to consider the aspect of aesthetics, the fixture that has built-tin PV cells is the better option since you do not have to worry about how and where you will hide the wire or cord.

2. Special batteries. Equally requiring your attention is the kind of battery to choose for your solar power shed light. These components are important since they are ones that receive the energy gathered by the photovoltaic panels. There are a few vital types that you can choose from; these are AA Nickel Cadmium battery and Nickel Metal-type Hydride. These are much better to consider over the highly sought-after lead-acid battery since they provide power charge for your lighting devices for a long, long time.

3. LED type bulb. It is a must that you purchase units with bulbs made of Light emitting diode. As it is, solar LED shed light products are becoming more and more popular among consumers and home makers if only because this bulb type consume just a little wattage, but the degree of illumination that it emits is hundred times stronger than conventional lighting. What’s more, they run using as little power as possible, ensuring users that these devices will emit bright lights all through the night. Indeed, sun powered lighting boasts of truly cost effective solutions compared to the common incandescent bulb.

4. Overall expense out of the power consumed. Finally, you will have to consider the cost of using solar powered shed lights. Compare it expense with that of traditional shed lighting. You will clearly discern that with the former, you will be able to enjoy thousands of light hours that will cost you absolutely zero amount in power use.

That is right, no dollar will be spent on running this device as solar energy is totally free. The only cost that you need to worry about is the price of the device, which is definitely competitive, and even cheap. That’s why it is advisable for home owners to switch to solar powered lights to minimize their expenses.


There is without a shadow of doubt that solar light for shed is the best possible way of lighting up this outside portion of your home. It involves absolutely zero-power consumption, and at the same time, price is comparable to that of standard lighting. No need to worry about electrical wires and so they are very safe to use. As soon as you buy one, install immediately so you can benefit from its strong illumination come night time.

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