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Top Solar Lights for Driveway

No doubt about it – solar lights for driveway can be both effective in decorating outdoor areas of the home and functional in illuminating the driveway as well.

Safe and efficient lighting alternative

They have a greater edge over electricity-powered lighting since they use power coming from the sun. And because they don’t need electricity to work, no pesky and lethal electrical wires or cords are used.

Also most types are easy to use, even a non-technical person will be able to install and operating them. If one finds it truly difficult, he can refer to the product manual, which contains instructions on how to install and use driveway solar lights.

It is no wonder that more and more household are switching to these illuminating gadgets for their drive ways.

The following are some wonderful ways to brighten up the driveway of your home using sun-powered fixtures:

Post solar light caps

If your abode has an entrance gate going to your home, or fence with posts that line up the drive way, you can take advantage of post caps. These fixtures are affordable and very easy to install and use.

They are sometimes called pillar or column lights, and are truly effective alternative energy devices. And since they are available in a great variety of styles and designs, one will surely complement your property’s overall look. With these gadgets, you can enjoy displaying a classy globe or custom design carriage lighting style.

Solar lights for driveway and path

Perhaps you and your family reside in the country side or faraway location that enjoys what is called as light pollution, a phenomenon termed by scientists referring to how lights in the city hinders people from clearly observing heavenly bodies during evening time.

If you are one of those who avoid experiencing light pollution, but need illumination for their driveways, then it is advice that you go for sun power low pathway lights. This is a great idea to have especially if you want to make sure that you see the path as you drive your car to the garage without having to experience bright lighting.

These solar powered driveway lights, which are highly efficient in brightly illuminating the surrounding, can be installed onto the ground with the use of stakes. They deliver low yet sufficient lighting that will allow you to see the pavement and immediate areas. Styles available are from cheap plastic-made devices to complex stainless steel types.

Pole type

If you boast of owning a lengthy driveway, it means that you require many lighting to ensure that it is properly lit. A long driveway is also exciting to beautify using bright and lovely lights. Whatever reason you might have in wanting to brighten up this part of your home, pole type fixtures are the best option.

These models illuminate the total length of the way easily. Hence, you and the rest of the household will be able to see the pathway as well as surrounding areas clearly as they drive through it.

If you want to enjoy lighting of maximum brightness, you may opt for solar driveway light with totally brilliant LED type bulbs, particularly those that blast 360 degree illumination.

Even if they give off strong luminescence, they will not add anything to your power bill since they operate entirely on sun’s power. And because they are not dependent on utility grid, even if there is a power outage, it will still be able to provide much-needed light come night time.


Such particular solar driveway lights offer efficient illumination for a wider broader ground compared to ground-level types. Yet they are not meant to brighten up your whole outdoor area.

Bollards are typically standing at a maximum of 4 feet. Therefore, they are ideal choices if you want to feature or enhance outdoor decorations and bushes. These fixtures can also be depended upon when it comes to ensuring strict security and safety to your home and surroundings.

And because these solar lights for driveway are visible, you must make sure that your choice of model fits well with the landscape of your property as well as the architecture and design of your abode. Needless to say, they should be in harmony with other existing lighting fixtures found in outdoor areas of the home such as the patio, deck, yard, and surrounding fence.
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