in Solar Lights for the Garden - 02 Mar, 2015
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Monster Bright Garden Solar Lights

Sometimes it is better to make something yourself instead of buying at a shop, only to be disappointed in the end. This is true in the case of garden solar lights, which when not bought from a proper seller, whether online or a brick and mortar hardware shop or home appliance center. Needless to say, many of us had been frustrated after buying solar gadgets from one-dollar stores, believing that they will work and last a last time, only to be disappointed in the end.

In the case of Julian Ilett, the creator of the video, he has successfully made all by himself this effective sun-powered illumination gadget, which he calls the monster bright solar garden light, which is a 30 watt beauty – and it’s even an LED type. You can see in the vid how the device is able to brightly illuminate the place, which I think is very impressive. Want to try making one yourself? Here is his short video:

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