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Top Tips to Cleaning and Maintaining Your Outside Solar Lights

Manufacturers of outside solar lights will advertise their products as ones that don’t need any regular cleaning and maintenance. However, it has been proven that to ensure maximum benefits from these fixtures, regular care and maintaining must be done.

Actually, if you check your outdoor gadgets on a regular basis, you will realize that they accumulate dust eventually. We all know that dust and dirt have the tendency to cloud and cover the surface of the solar outside lights, which means that the intensity of illumination will diminish considerably. You don’t want this to happen, do you?

As soon as mud, dirt, and debris begin to cover your lighting, get a wet cloth to wipe them off. Stubborn dirt can be removed by using a soft steel wool and scrub lightly in a consistent manner until the surface has been totally cleaned. Follow up with wet cloth and wipe remaining dust.

Solar Panels

Over time, the interior of the fixture has been filled with dead animals, leaves, and dust as well. One of the vital interior parts is the solar panel. Make sure that they are cleared of this debris. Clean by wiping it with damp clothing. Totally dry it before you close the device. Do this process in a regular manner and you are assured that you outside solar lighting will continue to function for a long time.

Built-in vs. attached

When it comes to built-in type, these solar cells are usually atop the gadget. All you have to do is wipe the surface and instantly, the cells are totally cleaned and like new. The attached type is one that’s connected to the light via a cord or wire. Again, wipe the surface of fallen leaves or dust to ensure that maximum amount of energy from sun’s ray is collected.

Solar light battery

Battery is important. Without it, your outdoor illuminating gadget will not function. You can’t expect bright illumination all through the night sans the battery, since it provides the power that energizes that outdoor solar lighting.

Expect and ill-kept and hardly-cleaned gadget to have batteries that are in the process of oxidation inside it. Perhaps dust and water have seeped in, and so rust begins to form.

If indeed, there are rust particles in the area between the battery and plastic covering of the fixture, simply have it removed. This can be done by scrubbing the rusted area with a brush. If you have a seriously-oxidized cell, then it’s a must that you already replace it with a new one. Bring it to the hardware shop to ensure that what you’re buying is exactly the same.

Light bulb

Bulbs of solar outdoor light gadgets are made of LED these days. LED technology means that the gadget consumes as little power from the battery as possible, yet it delivers tremendous lighting for many years. Still, such bulb needs some wiping and cleaning from time to time to remove the dust and dirt particles that have settled in its surface. Use moist rag or cloth and make sure that you dry it afterwards.

Clean the area around it

Even if you clean your solar outdoor light as often as you can, it might easily get dirty because of the area on which it is found.

For instance, if you install it under trees, expect leaves and dead insect to fall on it and keep it constantly dirty. You might install a few around the pool, which might possibly cause oxidation process to happen all the more due to the presence of water. In this case, you need to wipe its interior and battery dry more often.

Winter means snow will have the tendency to bury the lighting fixture. If the season brings regular snow, it’s best to de-install your solar outside lights and keep it away until the next season.

Other vital advices when cleaning your solar powered lights

1. Avoid using cloth or rag that’s soaking wet. We don’t want to damage our devices, but like it to be properly clean, right? A clean, damp cloth is ideal for cleaning and wiping.

2. Don’t use harsh chemical and solutions, especially if you’re cleaning battery. Warm water and some common detergent will suffice.

3. Solar outside lights are hardly complex gadgets. You can re-assemble them as easily as you have disassembled them. If you’re not too confident about these procedures, it’s best to refer to its product manual for instructions.
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