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Solar Powered Motion Lights: Ideal Alternative Illumination for Securing Homes

When it comes to security and protection to lives and property, you can depend on the benefits from using solar powered motion lights. These alternative lighting gadgets are becoming more and more popular when it comes to deterring possible criminals.

Well-lit home because of solar motion detector lights

solar powered motion lights
We all worry a lot especially when it comes to the safety of our family and homes. Who fears about having their property such as fence and doors vandalized during unholy hours simply because the surroundings are not sufficiently lighted?

Install the fixtures

You can prevent such criminal activities from happening right within your property by installing solar powered lights. The illumination that these gadgets provide is more than enough to light up every corner of the backyard, the garage, walkway, fences, and doorway. With these fixtures, thieves and burglars will be discouraged from pursuing their activities knowing that they will easily be caught.

Electric vs. solar powered

There are actually different types of security lights, two of the most popular of which are electrical and sun-powered lights. However, getting more and more in-demand is the latter.

Why sun-powered motion lights? Why not install electrically-powered type instead? This is because with the former, you don’t have to pay for power even if your gadgets shine all hours of the evening. Just see to it that they have been exposed to the rays of the sun so that sufficient power is gathered by their solar panels to be stored into the special batteries.

Needless to say, lighting gadgets powered by the sun is more affordable to install, use, and maintain than regular or electrical type. Without the use of the latter, no electricity is consume, which means that your power consumption remains the same, or even becomes less.

No worries about getting less sleep

Many homeowners are wary about using solar powered motion lights because of the fear that their sleep might get disrupted. They believe that as the device gets activated, strong beams will shine through the window of their rooms.

Actually, users will not need to worry about these gadgets beaming strong and irritating lights all evening long since they only work if they detect any suspicious or sudden major movement. They mainly intend to startle any person or animal that trespasses your property.

As long as you are already asleep, you will not be roused even if the lights become activated.

How does solar powered motion lights work?

solar security lights 2
Also known as security solar lights, they are activated immediately when special sensors detect any substantial motion. The system basically is all about strong lights turning on when people or animal walked in areas where they are unwanted.

1. Vital benefit

They are perfect for homes that are located far from street lighting as they act as illumination for those who want to safely reach their homes during nighttime. Such feature depends on the type and model as well as available budget.

3. No pesky electric wiring needed

When using solar motion lights, owners do not have to worry about electric wires. These gadgets just need to be attached to the wall, outdoor pillar or beam, or garage door. Within a few minutes, you have them all up and ready to serve.

Their PV panels, however, must be fully exposed to sun rays; otherwise, you run the risk of having a non-functioning light and the possibility of criminal activity happening in your property.

3. Long lifespan of bulbs

Apart from the fact that you don’t have to pay good amount of money for electricity, you are assured that your solar bulbs will work much longer than ordinary ones. It is because these lighting devices only turn on when motion get detected. Obviously, sun-powered bubs stay good twice or three times as long as the ordinary light.

Apart from preventing criminal activities from happening as the main benefit, another advantage of using solar powered motion light is that it involves fast and easy installation. The sun, and not electrical grid, is the source of power; and so users can be assured that the system is entirely safe.

Finally, for the budget-conscious individuals, a highly desired advantage is the cheap price, especially in the case of the latest products. There are models that are priced at $40 dollars and below. Not only are they cheap but boast of superior quality as well. Undoubtedly, these solar motion lights are the most appropriate security illumination devices that you can have for your homes.

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