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Solar Night Light: Sunergy Windlight Solar Lighted Wind Chime

Available at a price that’s truly affordable (less than $35), you will be amazed yourself by the overall style and appearance of the solar night light wind chimes because of their electroplated pewter finish. Other important parts are their solar panels and the crackled-glass type globe in the middle.

A desired feature of the solar lighted globe is that it changes in 3 different colors – red, green, and blue. These modern solar lighted wind chimes have an on and off switch and powered by two 600MAH Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries, which are included in the set.

Positive comments and feedback about this solar night light

1. One buyer of this product was impressed about how properly wrapped it was when received upon delivery. Immediately, he set upon assembling it, which was an easy task after all.

He was happy that the fixture is able to deliver a beautiful display of multi colors from the crackled glass, and commented that it must be fully charged in order to do so all throughout the night. Otherwise, he will have to charge the device for a few days in order to enjoy many hours of illumination.

He recommends it to be a perfect gift for important occasions such as birthday and Christmas.

2. Another buyer ordered it because she displays a variety of wind chimes and wanted to add a solar lighted one in her collection. She was happy having made the right decision as she thought that the hue changing cracked glass globe was such a pretty and entrancing sight.

Neighbors and onlookers are so fascinated by the light that they don’t hesitate to ask where she bought them. It even comes with a great chiming sound.

Where to place your solar lighted wind chime

from Sunergy Windlight

The sound that comes from the chimes can be calming that after some time of listening to them as they are moved by the gentle wind, it can have a relaxing effect on you.

It is best placed by the door, under the tree, or even inside your home. Since the glass globe is quite delicate, you must see to it that the fixture is securely fastened or attached. Avoid places where too much strong winds pass by. Make sure that it is out of reach of children to avoid possible mishandling and damage.

Since illumination is enjoyed via the energy from the sun, it’s important that it is placed outside during daytime to be fully exposed to sunlight. This will ensure an adequate supply of solar power.

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