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Solar Lights for Deck Posts – Beautiful Alternative Lighting for Decks

There are many reliable means of illuminating the deck or garden during the evening, and one of the most popular devices today is solar lights for deck posts. They deliver lovely lighting come night time, and are meant to liven up social events such as parties and gathering.

These fixtures are available in a variety of designs and styles, making it possible for one or two versions to perfectly fit your own home. They are also available in all imaginable colors; which mean that they can easily match the color as well as furniture in your deck or yard.

The best part of opting for these lighting devices is that it only takes a few minutes for them to be properly installed. Also, a complete set is competitive when it comes to prices. Actually, a standard package will cost a potential user some 20 to 40 US dollars. Once installed and in use, they are sure to last for many, many years.

Beautiful lighting option

Solar powered deck lights are some of the most in-demand among homeowners because of the massive beauty that it lends to the property. They are specifically made to sit atop a special post, which typically measures 4×4 inches.

They are perfect to accentuate proudly standing posts around the deck of the homes. And since the latest sun-powered deck lighting models boast of opaque glasses in their sides, these components beautifully diffuse the light. In other words, the device effectively gives off a soft and warm glow, which is ideal for people who shun illumination that’s strong and glaring.

PV panel location

The photovoltaic cells, which are found atop the light proper, are made in such a way that the blend well with the gadget. This type is perfect for an open deck and sunlight can be optimally gathered by the panels.

There is also the type that possesses a separate PV panel. The panels can be positioned away from the lighting proper and somewhere in the deck area where they can capture as much sunshine as possible.

Lighting tips and ideas

There are many solar deck lighting ideas that will surely enhance this part of your home with such beautiful illuminating fixtures. A popular and effective one is installing lights for every existing post around the deck.

Another great idea is to place the ideal number of solar lights for deck posts depending on the level of brightness that you want to achieve. For those homeowners with a great preference to low and soft brilliance, they can simply go for fewer units, leaving some posts without any light at all. Such low quality of wattage or luminescence is perfect for evening chats and intimate conversations.
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