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Solar Light for Chicken Coop – Daylight Substitute that Brightens Hens’ Abode

ChickensWe love our chickens dearly. And so, we make sure that we enjoy their company by providing them with secure and comfortable coops. Their stay in their habitat becomes more convenient with the use of solar light for chicken coop, which is a great daylight substitute to use.

For one thing, not only do they provide the same quality of illumination as that of traditional lighting; but like most other solar-powered bulb fixtures, they are cost-effective as well simply because they light up solely via the energy from the sun.

Totally care for your chickens? Here are top reasons why solar lights for chicken coop is a wise illumination option

1. Stimulate and increase the production of eggs
Adult female chicks, or hens, lay their eggs especially at the time of the year when days are longer. The frequency of this natural process is diminished considerably during winter time, when the days become short. What’s the effect of light in these birds? They help stimulate the chicken’s pituitary gland, which in turn makes the ovaries of the hen to produce and lay eggs.

As more and more poultry farm owners become aware of this, those who want to maintain sufficient egg supply during winter months add substitute lights inside the coops. Fortunately, all kinds of efficient illuminating gadgets have been developed, including solar type, to stimulate production of eggs.

However, there is a little disadvantage of such practice that farmers must be aware of too. Experts say that that the hen’s laying habits are disrupted later on, which means that they might lay on days that you expect them to. The worst that can happen is that their laying abilities are cut short.

2. Continue being active at night or go to their proper resting place safely
Right or not, we always decide that there must be illumination in our beloved creatures’ abode to ensure that they do not stay in utter darkness every time night falls. With such a solar powered light for coops, it is a perfect and effective source of lighting that allows our flightless birds to run around at night, and easily find their perfect spot or corner in their coop as they deem that it is time to take a rest.

3. Solar chicken coop light is effective in scaring away predators – and chicken snatchers as well
If you have a farm of poultry coops, you certainly wish for peace in the place. It means that all predators are off-limits whether they like it or not. No owner would want to perform a headcount and realized that a bunch is missing. Much worse, he wouldn’t like to see their poultry violated, with lives even taken away every morning right? It’s time to protect your army of healthy chickens from the hungry hyenas, wild dogs, hawks, raccoons, and even burglars.

The best way is to surround the place with a motion-activated evening fixture – particularly one that’s solar powered. This will adequately flood the place with ample illumination that is sure to deter any potential ill-doing to your coop. Many home improvement shops offer such lights that keep these night predators – animal or otherwise – a mile away from your birds’ abode.


Make sure that you choose a solar light for chicken coop that gives off the right amount of wattage. It depends on the area of the coop as well as the number of chickens. It is best to ask a poultry expert or your all-reliable hardware store staff.

Just have the lighting device hanging a few feet away from the floor, enough to provide the appropriate level of heat and illumination for a coop the size of 70 sq. feet. For one that has a wide expanse, there are bulbs of greater intensity, starting at 50 watts that you can install for a perfect source of daylight substitute.
Thanks to image source: Ecoagriculture Partners

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