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Solar String Lights – Enjoy Accent Lighting and Environmental Benefits

solar string lights
Some of the best options when it comes to illuminating the garden are solar string lights; that is, if you want efficient and environment-friendly lighting fixtures for these home exterior areas.

Not only do such sun power devices help you in your pursuit of caring for the environment, but also they provide much-needed and ample illumination for your property at no cost at all. Just make sure that your devices are appropriately installed, and they will immediately collect green and clean energy that sun rays offer.

If you are person on the go, installation can be as fast as hanging the length of the lights on the wall, while the connected solar panels are positioned in the area where it can gather as much sun’s energy as possible. Or in just a few minutes, you may install solar outdoor string lights at the garden umbrella, in between trees and across the lawn, or around the swimming pool fence.

Environmental benefits

1. Sun devices are non-toxic

These alternative gadgets, especially those made of LED, are known to contain or emit no toxic materials that can endanger lives and the environment. In contrast, traditional types such as fluorescent have harmful elements like mercury, which can be hazardous to good health.

Once such materials are disposed, they are bound to contribute to the contamination and destruction of the water and air.

2. Solar string lights are ideal replacement for fire

Less developed villages and communities in some Asian and African countries still use fire and kerosene for their source of lighting. Such are very dangerous – especially if these sources are mishandled, they can cause the loss of lives and property.

Traditional gases also emit fumes that endanger the general health. With the prices of sun-powered lights going down, including string type, even the developing world will now have easy access to these alternative energy lighting.

As reliable accent

Homeowners now tend to consider solar light string devices when beautifying their garden or yard. Here are ways why they are the perfect accents for homes:

1. Provide themed accent

They add a great deal of fairy tale or imaginary ambiance to any landscape, making your garden much like a dream land to any precocious little child.

2.Versatile in beautifying and enhancing

Because of extreme versatility, you will be able to amply decorate large things such as trees, fences, and even table tops. Indeed, features of any décor in the yard become much enhanced once these devices are used to accentuate them.

3. Don’t use cords or wiring

These solar outdoor string lights are perfect as accents since you don’t have to deal with unsightly and long wiring that otherwise go with traditional string lights. No cords have to run around the garden, making the area totally safe for kids and pets to play and run around.

Other exciting features

Many varieties are extremely bright – this is because they come with Light Emitting Diode bulbs. And because the bulb is made of LED, you can rely on them to last for many years, much longer than the conventional type.

They also have built-in sensors, which allow the owner to simply forget about them immediately upon installation. The gadgets will turn on and off on their own, depending on the time of day.

Designs, colors, and length of strings are aplenty. Hence, you are given many options to choose from. It is best to select the fixture that will perfectly complement your own garden or yard.

How much?

The price is dependent on its length, number of bulbs, as well as overall style and design. Items as long as 20 feet and feature 100 LED bulbs usually cost 60 to 80 dollars. Those with sensors are naturally much more expensive than sets without them. Solar string lights that come in whitish or yellowish colors are less expensive than multicolored ones.

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