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Solar Powered Lamp: Top Three Sun-Powered Lamps

Are you raring to a high quality solar powered lamp for your garden or any other outside area of your home? If you’re in the market for alternative powered lights, it helps to first determine the main reason why you’re making the purchase.

Top reasons for buying outdoor lights

Is it intended to have bright illumination so that your visitors and kids can safely pass through walkways? Sufficient lighting is a must to ensure no accidents such as tripping occur during nighttime.

Are such fixtures meant to ensure protection and security of your property? If surroundings are brightly lit, this surely prevents would-be burglars or intruders from breaking into your home.

Or are these devices intended for accenting purposes? Nothing is more fascinating than being in a garden that’s filled with the most charming lights. You may choose from steady or running type, multi-colored or mono-hued ones (yellow or white).

At any rate, here are three of the most popular solar lamps these days. They sell well in online stores, particularly at Amazon. Most reviews are positive and they only garnered praises and raves from customers.

Three popular commercial solar light lamps

1. TSSS Wireless LED Solar Powered Security Motion Sensor Light, Wall / Garden Lamp

tss wiireless led
So far, more than 50 buyers have commented about this product online and they are more than happy and satisfied with their purchase.


A. It is easy to install, position, and maintain.

B. The perfect choice of illumination for streets, gardens, walkways, and many more

C. The device obtains energy from power of the sun, which is 100% free.

D. It turns on and off automatically during night and daytime, respectively.

E. It is totally heat and water proof

How thus solar security light work?

A vital part of the fixture is the infra-red sensor, which effectively identifies any subtle changes in the temperature. Such change is most likely caused by the motion of a person or animal that’s within the covered area.

The light illuminates when anyone enters the 1 to 2-meter range and inside the 120-degree sensor angle. Even if movement stops, illumination remains for around ten seconds.

Positive reviews and comments from customers

1. One is extremely thankful that he bought the right device; light that it emits is just perfect for his small garden.

2. A homeowner is impressed with the illuminating and brightness power that it delivers despite the smallness of the bulbs. He proceeds to comparing them with strong flashlights.

3. Another bought two lights, but ended up using only one which is more than enough to brighten up his stairways.

2. d.light LED Solar Rechargeable #S20 Area Lantern

Best Features

A. It makes use of renewable form of energy. The built-in panels are known to be simple, yet light and easily transferable.

B. Can be installed anywhere, in the gardens or own walls. Evidently, this solar lamp is highly versatile

C. Hardly requires any maintenance since all components are excellently made. Because of its impressively rugged make and style, it is known to endure extreme weather, insects, and too much dust or debris.

D. Its batteries are sturdy and of high quality that one can expect replacement after many years.

E. The product comes with a two-year warranty

Customers’ positive reviews

1. Once customer revealed that he made the right decision in buying this gadget because it can be depended upon especially in their area where power outages are frequent.

2. A buyer has been using it as an illumination light, especially during that part of the evening when he has to sleep and wanted just a soft or low light. One time, he forgot to expose to sunlight for the required 6 to 8 hours, but it still worked for 6 hours.

3. Others are amazed that it can be charged via computer port. You will know that it is charging if the red dot is on. As soon as the charging is done, color will change from red to green.

3. Wakawaka Solar Lamps

For the fixture that demonstrates strong lighting that’s all the more intense and reliable, as long as it is fully exposed to sun’s rays, you have to go for the popular Wakawaka. The increase in demand is simply exponential, especially that it easily delivers the quality of lighting that customers look for and just cannot be delivered by many solar-powered gadgets available in the market.

Desirable features

A. 2 is to 1 ratio when it comes to use time and charge time, which is made possible because of its patented high technology.

B. Includes two rechargeable batteries

C. If fully charged, it is known to offer more than 16 hours of strong reading illumination.

D. Standard weight of 7 light ounces; making it very handy and portable

E. A variety of lighting modes, which includes SOS Beacon

F. Made of water resistant materials; this feature allows it to be exposed to any extreme weather without getting damaged.

Customer Comments

1. Many swear that this is the best sun-powered light in the market these days because of its strong lights. One is particularly satisfied with the long hours of luminescence that these devices provide.

2. One user focuses the gadget onto the white wall in his room, and this technique works in lighting up the whole surrounding without having to turn even a single traditional bulb on.

3. A conscientious customer invites others to patronize this brand if only for the fact that it is associated with a foundation that provides subsidy to families with no financial means of enjoying solar powered lamp fixtures for their homes.

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