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Solar Bottle Bulb from One-liter Soft Drink Bottles

In my opinion, one of the most ingenious sun-powered inventions of this century (and even the one before) is the solar bottle bulb. And why not? It’s definitely dirt cheap, requires just 3 to 4 components that are easy to have, and just about everyone is capable of assembling it in no time at all.

The most important benefit is its delivery of reliable illumination during the day, which is what every home needs.

I am not sure why households are not taking advantage of such fixtures? I must say that families and communities from underdeveloped countries around the world should be informed about solar bottle lights and the extreme convenience of having it installed in their homes.

Especially in poor areas where residences are made of thin plywood (even cardboard) and other thin materials, such contraption is the perfect light source to have. So little expense to worry about – all one needs is water, chlorine, and clean plastic bottle (one that has been used as container for soft drink).

Isn’t it high time that all the governments and concerned energy authorities and agencies all around the world, especially in the Asian region, become aggressive in the dissemination of information on the affordability and reliability of solar bottle lights? Indeed, more consumers must be aware of the existence and effectiveness of these alternative illuminating devices.

Below is a short vid that features the complete steps on how to make solar lighting out of soda bottles. For more info about the device and how it changes the lives of people in the Philippines and the rest of the world, go to A Liter of Light website:

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