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How Solar Landscaping Lights Deliver Best Illumination All Year Long

Just one or two solar lights
You just installed your solar landscaping lights in your garden. You consider it as a significant illuminating enhancement to the general landscape of the outdoor area of your home. You’re satisfied with the high level of aesthetics that these alternative lighting fixtures lend to your yard, garden, or other exterior areas of your home.

Then, one evening, at the time that you expect the lights to automatically turn on, nothing happens. They don’t deliver the bright illumination that you expect from them. Suddenly, your solar landscape lighting don’t work at all. So, what happened?

Why use solar-type lighting in the first place?

Daytime already enhances the beauty of your garden’s ambiance. However, such aesthetic lessens as evening falls and the place can be hardly seen because of darkness – unless you make use of beautiful, alternative energy-powered lights.

They allow you to showcase the exterior areas of your home even during the evening. They deliver a uniquely luminescence that is sure to enchant other members of the household as well as people who pass by your home.

People either use such sun-powered lighting as illumination or accents. They are commonly found in locations such as driveways, pathways, gates and entries, decks, steps, patios, pergolas, walls, vats and figurines, plants and trees, and so on.

What if something goes wrong with their operation?

And so with such dependable fixtures, you always believe that you will enjoy consistently superior brightness and aesthetics from these devices every day of the year. Unfortunately, the devices your solar powered landscape lighting just stops one night – and all gets gloomy again. After replacement, you think: “How can I prevent this from happening in the future?”

Here are great tips to ensure optimum performance of your solar landscaping lights for a long, long time:

1. Buy superior quality product

Like in the case of all other consumer items, an advice worth following is to not purchase the very first product that you encounter.

What’s important in buying a solar fixture? First, see to it that you buy the model that precisely suits your lighting needs. Find out about the specifications of the product as well as its offered features, specifically illumination and wattage power and see if they match your requirements.

Buy only from established shops, whether from the Internet or brick-and-mortar type, that has been in the business for years; since old-time sellers offer products that meet accepted international standards. This is a one-time purchase; hence, see to it that you consider referring to the best solar landscape lights reviews in order to have good knowledge on which finest models or types are available in the market today.

2. Select right location of installation

What’s most vital in ensuring maximum benefits from your solar landscape lights is to determine and place them at the most appropriate location. If the area of installation is where the fixtures will be able to gather the greatest amount of exposure from the sun, this will ensure their top notch performance. Be patient when it comes to determining the installation location. It is possible that re-installation and transfer will have to be done a couple of time to arrive at the best area.

3. Perform regular cleaning and maintenance

Contrary to what many thinks that everything is okay after the solar lighting installation; in fact, it is a must that they are checked regularly. Owners should know that gardens are areas that are filled with dust, soil, plants, and leaves. All these materials tend to make your lights dirty. As they start to be covered significantly, this will lessen the amount of luminescence delivered.

Panels might also get dirtied with dirt and leaves, effectively blocking the rays of the sun and hampering adequate collection of energy. Regular cleaning is simple: you just need a moist cloth to ensure that any dust and dirt are wiped away.

How do you clean these gadgets properly? Make use of ordinary soap and warm water. This simple combination will effectively wash dirt, dust, bird droppings, and tree or leaf saps from leaves that dry off on the surface. Rinse with clean water to wash way any residue from the soap. For stubborn dirt and grime, you must use a soft type of sandpaper. The proper way of using it is by sanding in a circular manner – this will make sure that the outer layer is removed of all dirt.

4. Take note of life of battery

Your device suddenly stops? Be aware of the years that your alternative solar lighting tool has been in service. Expect that after a long time of continuous use, the battery goes dead. The typical number of years that this component lasts is more or less two years. It is advisable to replace the old item with a new one to enjoy maximum illumination.

How to change battery

When the life of battery is finished, it’s time to remove it from the light. Carefully take it out by opening the lid found on the gadget’s top part. Battery is usually made of NI-Cad AA rechargeable batteries.

Additional tips to enjoy continuous optimum use

1. Maintain quality of solar panels by cleaning them regularly.

2. Keep out of reach of small children. Wires must be properly kept away from kids and pets. Seal, tape, or staple them properly, whether they are lying on the ground or attached to the walls.

3. Remember to use just the ordinary type of soap and plenty of water on your solar landscaping lights. Avoid very rough cleaners to avoid inflicting scratches onto the surface of their cover or panel.
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