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Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights Deliver Unique and Appealing Lighting for Homes

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We all know how lighting for homes has become very expensive these days. If you want to own unique illumination fixtures yet will cost you just a pittance, then you might want to consider creating your very own solar powered mason jar lights. They are quite similar to those alternative lighting that are made of plastic bottles, in terms of affordability to make.

Most components are already available at home or can be bought at dollar stores. Especially when it comes to the sturdy and versatile mason bottles and jars, these can easily be obtained from your cupboards, or stores that sell cheap used household items. If done properly, you are sure to enjoy your very own alternative illuminating gadgets for home.

Choosing and decorating the bottle

You can make use of the jar as is. It is also advisable to embellish the side of the container to give it your own personal touch. This can be done with the use of beautifully-designed cutouts from old newspapers or colorful art papers. Another perfect beautifying material are bright neon paints. You can go for containers that possess thick and strong wires and glass lids as covers; features that give them an obviously antique vibe and so makes them more appealing, drawing the interest of onlookers.

How to make solar mason jar lights

1. A major component is a small solar panel. This will provide the energy that needed for the fixture to operate. Glue it firmly into the battery inside the bottle while making sure that it is facing the rays of the sun. On the other hand, the sun-energized lighting unit must face the interior of the vessel.

Word of advice: Moisture might form or seep into the bottle and can potentially affect the usability of the lighting component. Hence, you must go for a water-resistant glue to ensure that the light is strongly attached to the battery.

2. Battery should be connected strongly to the panels in order to ensure maximum charging. As soon as the sun sets, it is ready to power the lighting inside the bottle.

Why create one?

For one thing, solar mason jar light is a simple and beautiful vessel that is capable of enhancing the ambiance of any room or area of the home. You can have a few for your own pleasure, or you can also give them away to friends and relatives as impressive gifts.

To make it more attractive, you can have the lid decorated with candle wax drops of various colors. Such tip is sure to ornate this solar lighting gadget even further, consequently earning the praise and appreciation of those who will see and receive it as a present.

Needless to say, remember that these solar powered mason jar lights are made of basic and readily available components. And since they are quite easy for anybody to create, it is advised to take the time when building one. In no time at all, you will be able to enjoy the soft and alluring illumination that you can use for both in and outside your homes; like the reception room, walkways, halls, and patios. Undoubtedly, since they are simple and affordable to make, doing them yourself is such a rewarding and fun activity.
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