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Flagpole Solar Light – Ways to Illuminate Flags

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The American flag is definitely majestic as it flies in the air every hour of the day. It becomes even a more awesome sight if during the evening; it is sufficiently lit by a bright illuminating gadget.

However, many are thinking about the increase in power bill because of the excessive use of lighting overnight just to make sure that the flag is sufficiently illuminated even at nighttime. Fortunately, there is flagpole solar light, the use of which will not make even a dent on one’s budget.

No doubt about it – people will surely feel patriotic upon seeing a beautifully lighted flag on a high rising pole. It will be a pity if it is left in the dark when dusk falls, unnoticed by everyone passing by. If you have a flag, make sure that it is shone upon by enough lighting. It is a must in order to show great respect to the flag like it deserves.

Different types of flagpole solar light

Ground Type

When using a gadget that will be installed on the ground, you must first measure the flag pole in order to estimate the intensity of brightness that you need for your flag. Generally, with the ground-based device, you have to choose one that emits a strong illumination during nighttime. Go for 60-watt lights since these are perfect for flags that fly high on a 25 foot tall pole.

Just make sure that when installing flag pole lights solar powered onto the ground, its panels must be found in a position where there the maximum amount of rays from the sun are gathered. This is to ensure that the gadget will give off sun powered lighting all through the evening.

Pole Mounted Type

Another common way of lighting up the flag is the mounted type, wherein the illuminating fixture is attached on top of the pole. Actually, the latest models, particularly the commercial solar flagpole light type, are those that are mounted atop the poles, because they have the capacity to provide maximum illumination to flags.

The best thing about this type is that they train the light directly to the flag, which means that it is brightly lit. It also has an advantage over ground-based models since the latter can be buried in snow. Leaves and other debris might also cover the gadget or its solar panel, greatly affecting the quality of output.

Ideal features to find in your sun power flag pole lighting gadget

Flagpole solar light fixture must ideally possess a strong-volt solar panel to ensure that sufficient energy from the sun is collected. It must also have batteries that easily charge for a most dependable and luminous light. Bulbs must be made of LED for years and years of superb quality brilliance. Another great feature is that it must be able to adjust to the kind of pole that you have. These are essentially great features that the people’s choice must possess in order to properly illuminate flags.
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