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Liven Up Your home With Color Changing Solar Lights for Garden

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Have you been using boring illumination fixtures to light up your lawn? If you are fed up with monotonous whitish glow that always go unnoticed by guests, it’s time to use color changing solar lights for garden. These gadgets are sure to make your home exterior an enticing place to be in every evening.

The latest models include a special remote control to change to your option in color or colors; such as Red, Magenta, Green, Yellow, Electric Blue, and Purple. It is also possible for the lights to give off only white light when the occasion requests it.

Colors that must be found in Westinghouse color changing solar lights

1. Green – this is a vital color that must be found in your lights. It is ideal to retain maximum vision of people during nighttime.

2. Blue – homeowners will love blue in their lights because it is easy and soothing in their eyes. At the same time, it is also a good hue for the vision of the elderly. It has been determined that blue lights are convenient for seniors since they do not cause any strain to the eyes.

3. Amber – this hue is unique since it actually repels different types of insects not like conventional white colored lighting. In fact, multicolor lighting with color amber included in it is capable of distracting and pesky flying and crawling insects.

4. Red – is a must-included hue in color changing outdoor solar lights since it adds aesthetics to any home. It is also considered to be a traditional color.

5. White – if you are going to purchase color changing lighting fixtures for your home, see to it that one of the colors presented is white as it effectively produces a soft glow and never gives off harsh and irritating glare to the eyes.


1. Because of the beautiful and multicolored glow that they deliver, major improvement to any garden, lawn, or patio in terms of aesthetics is ensured.

2. These lights are available in a number of attractive shapes and designs, and are used to accentuate the garden and pathways. Other unique and beautiful shapes are in the forms or orbs, globes, and even animals.

3. Because these sun powered multiple colored lights are powered by rechargeable solar batteries, there is absolutely no need for them to be connected to your abode’s electric grid. They can be installed at any place in the lawn or garden; just make sure that sufficient sunlight falls on them.

4. Color changing solar lights for garden are made with lovely casings; making them truly appealing not only at night time but during the day as well.
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