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Why Isn’t Your Solar Outdoor Lighting Operating Properly?

Often modern quality outdoor solar lighting, particularly those products that have passed the high standards for excellence in quality, present no problem when it comes to operation. Immediately upon installation of the fixture, it will provide sufficient illumination that the exterior of your home.

However, there will be instances when the light fixture will not start. This will certainly cause you to wonder as to why such an inconvenience would happen since it is newly-purchased.

If such is the case, there are factors that you must consider that might have caused it to not work properly. You need to check if the any of the following issues is what caused the light’s non-operation. You can use the corresponding solutions to such issues:

1. Old or Worn-out battery

You might own a solar power garden lamp that has been in use for years; which means that the battery might already be worn-out and needs to be replaced. The best way to deal with this problem is to go to the dealer who supplied you the solar lights and ask for a fresh, new replacement.

Drained Battery

Remember to always have your the battery of your gadgets charged to ensure sufficient supply of power. Newly installed items might not light up mainly because the power of the battery has already been drained while the products are stored in the warehouse for a long period of time. In case of drained battery cells, you need to charge the batteries for as long as 2 days. This will fully charge them.

Loose Battery

You might consider the possibility that the batteries are loosely placed inside the outside solar lights – which might have been caused by improper shipment. To find out if loose batteries are indeed the problem, you need to fix their placement inside the unit as it is possible that they have just been dislodged. You simply has to push the batteries back to their proper place and sure enough, they will provide the necessary power.

2. Damaged solar light

It might be possible that corrosion has set in with your lights. For example, too much moisture has caused unwanted chemical processes such as corrosion on the terminal of the batteries or the battery themselves. To fix the problem, you have to take off the batteries, and then remove rust that has formed at the terminals with the use of a knife or sand paper. Be sure that corrosion is totally removed to ensure that connections are not obstructed. Place the battery back in. Reinstall the light and wait for it to provide illumination.

3. Solar panel might be covered

It is possible that the PV cells of your device, especially if they are built into your devices have been obstructed by fallen leaves or other debris, and so, they can’t properly collect the amount of sunlight necessary to run the lighting device. Make sure that the solar cells are clear of such obstructions. At the same time, see to it that the gadgets are not installed under trees or building; as they can cause the rays of the sun to be blocked, preventing solar energy from being collected.

Bring back to seller or dealer

If you have done everything that’s advised in this article, and your solar outdoor lighting still will not operate and emit the illumination that you want it to deliver; the best thing that you can do is go back to the seller with the lighting product. Most sellers and dealers are more then happy to provide full servicing to their client’s products. It can also be possible for a replacement especially if you did not cause the problem.

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