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Broken Outdoor Solar Lights – Reuse and Recycle

Solar Lights
If you have unused or broken outdoor solar lighting, do you know that you can still benefit from them? Simple – via recycling. You can go to recycling services that, in turn, will provide you with discounts on your next purchase.

This service will disassemble the lights and disposes them methodically, particularly those components that are potentially toxic or hazardous to people. Parts that are reusable will be brought back to the factory to become parts of new products.

What you must do is to call the maker of your solar led lights and find out if it offers a program in which it reuses or recycles used, unused, or broken sun-powered gadgets. Fortunately, a good number of these producers offer a comprehensive recycling program. Once you inform about your desire to avail of the program, you can immediately have your lighting devices shipped to the address for their proper reuse or disposal.

What will the manufacturer do with the broken or used product?

Your manufacturer will gladly take back the outdoor solar lights that you returned to it. Remember that recycling and reusing are desirable processes since they are a boon for both the environment and humans.

As the outdoor solar lights are taken back, waste management will begin with the dismantling process. It will carefully segregate the toxic parts of the products from the non-hazardous ones. The toxic components will be disposed of safely to prevent any accident from happening.

Simply put, reusable parts of the solar lighting product that you returned will be placed back into the manufacturing line of the factory that makes the same gadget. Silicon is one of the recyclable parts and brought back to the production line to become part of new PV panels of sun-powered illumination gadgets.
Rechargeable solar batteries

Apart from the built-in components of your old solar gadget, you might also be able to salvage its battery. You can find out if they are still in good working condition if a voltage is detected by connecting the battery’s negative and positive terminals to the voltmeter. You will have a good use for these solar power batteries since most of them can be recharged indefinitely.

Reuse PV cells for your next project

If you have used or discarded solar lighting, you can open up the gadget yourself and remove the photovoltaic cells. All you have to do is to remove the plastic cover on top of the device; this cover protects the cell from elements such as the rain or debris. Detached the parts by cutting the wires that are connected to it. As soon as it is removed, keep the delicate component in a dry box to prevent any damage. Now you have an important component that you can use for your next D.I.Y. solar power project.

Why reuse these gadgets

Three simple words – love your environment. Without a doubt, solar outdoor lights offer a great deal of benefits to users, in terms of cheap and efficient energy.

However, it can’t be denied that there exist possibilities that if mishandled, they can unleash dangerous elements to the environment such as silicon, lead, and other elements and metals.

This is the reason why the reuse and recycling of these gadgets and their components are promoted to ensure that we continue to enjoy a safe and healthy environment.

And as more and more people use these sun-powered devices, whether in the provision of illumination, bright illuminating protection and security of lives and properties, or creation of alternative enjoy to power home appliances; consumers become less dependent on the electricity that’s supplied by the local utility firm. This means more savings on the monthly power budget.
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